I have spent the last 6 years studying biology, geology, and environmental science at Stockholm University. Which gave me a wide knowledge about conservation biology, ecology and biology in general. Before I studied biology, I studied library science for one semester, before deciding to switch majors.

Despite all that knowledge, when I started to apply for jobs I got told  No thank you.  After the 20th No, thank you I got depressed and focused on writing fiction for awhile, but I cannot live on my fiction. So  I decided  that if I couldn’t find a job, I would create one.

So I started to think about what I could do. I knew a lot about biology, and especially ecology. I am good at searching for information. I read fast, and have no problem with reading drafts in English.

And I knew that it is easy to feel a bit lost when it comes to biology and related subjects.

Once I had decided to actually start Ecology for Writers, it went through some iterations before I settled on the final shape.

So I hope you check out the services I offer, and send me an e-mail for more information.


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